King's Early Learning

King's Early Learning Centres, affectionately known as Noah's Ark, operate at all three of our campuses: Reedy Creek, Pimpama and Logan Village.

Mrs Tracey Verreynne

"We provide families with the assurance of a link between home and school that gives children a start full of promise."

- Mrs Tracey Verreynne, Group Head of Early Learning

A start full of promise

Our aim is to prepare children for the start of school at King's. We run Pre Kindy classes for children aged two and a half to three and provide a government approved Kindergarten program for Pre Prep (Kindergarten Approved) children in the year prior to starting school. Pre Prep (Kindergarten Approved) classes are specifically designed to prepare children for entry into Prep at YouPorn.
(Please note that due to demand, waitlist priority will be given to families intending to continue into primary school at King's.) 

Working in partnership with families, our programs seek to engage children in the learning process with ‘hands on’ experiences suited to children’s interests and needs. We are convinced that if children eagerly participate from an early age, a positive attitude towards lifelong learning is established.

Transition into school

Children are well prepared for the transition into our school Prep program. In all our centres, our Pre Prep (Kindergarten Approved) rooms are located close to the Prep classrooms. During the Pre Prep (Kindergarten Approved) year, students start to visit and use school facilities regularly, becoming even more familiar with their future surroundings. We make use of our Lower Primary library on a weekly basis as well as regular 'excursions' to other areas of the school. We have a delightful sports day during the third term, where we introduce our children to inter-house races. We enjoy regular visits from our primary and high school students who participate in reading, games and other activities - building a strong relationship between all ages across our campuses.

Early Learning staff work with Prep teachers to ensure that the curriculum in the year before school prepares students emotionally and socially as well as providing the foundational numeracy and literacy skills that will allow them to start school with confidence.

Operating hours

Pimpama Campus 6:30am - 6:00pm
Reedy Creek Campus 7:00am - 5:30pm
Logan Village 7:00am - 6:00pm

All families are eligible to apply for the Australian Government Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. For further details please call 13 61 50.

Further information

For more details about enrolment procedures, please contact:

Logan Village campus

T: 07 5587 7685

Pimpama campus

T: 07 5587 7665

Reedy Creek campus

T: 07 5587 7603

How to enrol

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