High School

King's High School currently operates across our three campuses - Reedy Creek (Years 7 to 12), Pimpama (Year 7 to 12) and Logan Village (Year 7 in 2024, with an additional year level added each year). All campuses operate as a single school with teachers working together to produce a common curriculum and specialist resources. 

King's champions students in growing their leadership potential, contributing to school culture and building meaningful relationships with peers and staff. Our leadership development program provides students with service opportunities within our school and the local community.

High School Leadership

A full academic program, inter-school sports competition, weekly co-curricular activities, chapel, diverse performing arts programs and a host of other activities ensure there is a rich learning environment for each student.

Project Based learning (PBL) engages students with real world problem-solving. Students develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. Every day, students are strengthening their academic mindset with the skills they need to take responsibility for their own learning journey.

Our 1:1 laptop iPad / Macbook program commences in Year 5 and is integrated across all High School years. King's is an and is at the forefront of technology use in all curriculum areas where it enhances teaching and learning.

A comprehensive study skills program through Years 7 to 12 helps students understand their own learning styles, highlighting the best methods of assignment and study techniques, and enhancing their opportunity to excel.

King's has gained an enviable reputation for the level of care and support it offers. Our teachers have a passionate commitment to nurture these young adults into becoming successful, confident people who believe they can make a positive impact on the world.

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